Plastimo Horizon neumatic Boats is available in the online shop. It is constructed with 1100 Decitex PVC floats. The floor and other spaces are made of wood grating to give it more appeal. Thanks to its first class materials, the boat is resistant to the abrasion of sea and river water.

It has a high resistance to UV rays, so the plastic does not dry out and is maintained in optimal conditions, even in the sun exposure. It is an inflatable boat ideal for recreation, which every member of the family will enjoy.

Main features

The Plastimo Horizon 160s Pneumatic boat, offers certain characteristics that make it ideal for its users:

This model allows enjoyment alone, because it only allows one person.

It has a support of up to 150 kilograms, although it is not recommended to carry more than one person.

Its storage dimensions are 93x44x25 cm.

The reinforced dimensions reach 160 x 115 cm.

It weighs 12 kilograms.

The motor of the boat has a maximum power of 1.9 Kw.

The floor of the same one is of strips of grating of wood of 15 cm of width.

Its PVC floats have a diameter of 35 cm.

It has 2 compartments.

It has a grey wooden seat.

It contains a ring for towing.

Includes storage bag for easy transport.

The best part is that it comes with its own inflator, as well as the repair kit and 2 oars.


The Plastimo Horizon 160s Pneumatic boat is an excellent option for those who wish to venture into the aquatic world. offers a wide variety of products and Plastimo Horizon boats in different series. You can choose between motorized and non-motorized boats or for a larger capacity.

In this case Plastimo Horizon 160s has an engine which can reach a maximum of 110 km/h. It can be used for solitary fishing, walks along the coast or river. The fact that it has its own inflator makes it a practical and versatile boat for use.

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